How to Customize Calendar-Full [Plugin] Events Manager

How to Customize Calendar-Full [Plugin] Events Manager 459 225 Jesandy

Plugin: Events Manager

Theme: Suffusion, WordPress


  1. Remove the header “Months” and paginations
  2. Customize day-names

1. Remove the Header “Months” and Paginations

Locate wp-content >> plugins >> events-manager >> templates >> open file: calendar-full.php

Delete the lines between line 17  and 23 (dark blue hilite)

Remove Months Event Manager WordPress Plugin2. Customize Day-Names

On default Calender-full front end:

Events Manager Edit Day 01The tips below if you want to transform the day name “M,T,W,T,F,S,S” into three-words “Mon,Tue,Wed,Thur,Fri,Sat and Sun”

Locate wp-content >> plugins >> events-manager >> templates >> open file: calendar-full.php

On line 25 (default), after <tbody>:

Line after tbody

Replace the line between <tr  and </tr> (blue hilite) with:

<tr class="days-names">

$week_start = get_option('start_of_week');
$temp_array = array("Sun","Mon","Tue","Wed","Thu","Fri","Sat");
$day_array = array();
$id = 0;
$temp = false;
$temp2 = false;
while ($temp == false){
foreach($temp_array as $day_id => $day_value ){
if ( $id < 7 && !in_array($day_value,$day_array) ){
if ( $temp2 ){
$day_array[$id] = $day_value;
if ( $week_start == $day_id && !$temp2 ){
$day_array[$id] = $day_value;
$temp2 = true;
if ($id >= 7){ $temp = true; }

<td><?php echo implode('</td><td>',$day_array); ?></td>

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