5 Tips Convincing your Customer to Buy More!

5 Tips Convincing your Customer to Buy More! 400 167 Jesandy

Your Interests and your clients’ interest should not be at odds. Yet, old-fashioned sales training makes you adversaries. That’s why sales has a “hard-sell,” pushy image. And that’s why most service providers don’t like to sell.

It turn out that aggressive sales techniques don’t work well, especially for building long-term relationship. If you work with your prospect and clients to solve the problems, you can feel better about the sales process. When you’ve built rapport, prospect will want to work with you.

One way to demonstrate a true customer-first attitude to prospects is to always mention some things you can’t help them with, and give them good refferals. If you behave like a true consultant – with only the customer’s or prospect;s interests at heart – why wouldn’t they always come to you first? You’ve done their homework for them. This give you much more credibility when you say what you can do for them. You become a resources – a partner- rathen than vendor.

A number of other people have put forward related concepts using terms such as relationship marketing, consultive selling, and Soft Selling. Here are the step that a good seller presentation might need:

Analyze the Customer’s Need

Different customers have different short and long term needs, budgets, desired, avoid, and so on. It’s your job to find them, and if you don’t ask you will not know.

Diagnose before Making Decision

Like any good “doctor” outhere, a company need to understand their customer’s true situation before selling your product or service. Seek first to understand, or diagnose, before you prescribe, is a correct principle manifest in many areas of life. How important to the clients? Do They have any symptoms? What do the employees on the front line report? And so many diagnostic question that you need to ask.

Don’t Sell – Help People Buy

The focus on helping people buy means you have to understand buyer’s concerns and needs and communicate how you can help them. It also happens to be non manipulative, nonpressure, consultive selling.

Question are a lot better than Presentation

Are you asking enough questions to know what prospects need? Do your questions to know what prospects need? Do your questions show your abilities by educating prospects.

Know your “Buyers Remorse”

When someone has agreed to do business with you, you’re usually so relieved that you stop there. But some people don’t mean yes the way you think, and other people change their minds. Psychologist find that after a decision to buy is made, people often have second thought, called the “buyer remorse. Are you sure you are ready to work with me? Is There anything else you need to consider? It Sounds scary, but it’s better to learn about problems immediately so you can handle them.


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