How to Customize Template [Plugin] Event Manager on Suffusion Theme

How to Customize Template [Plugin] Event Manager on Suffusion Theme 438 248 Jesandy

If you are using [Plugin] Event Manager, when it comes to modify the template, it might be tricky especially if you’re using Suffusion theme, based on the [Plugin] Events Manager (EM) documentation it says:

But what if it’s not the twenty eleven theme, and most of the themes like Suffusion doesn’t have folder “plugins”. So I tried so many ways in order to make the template-customise, therefore if any plugin-update there won’t be any works later. Plus many sites are using Suffusion child-themes like I did; do we have to move the file on the suffusion’s “custom” folder, or just copy the template folder files into to the child themes’s folder? honestly after few trial and runs I found these steps below to make it works:

Step 1

Open your FTP/Cpanel, on Suffusion’s child theme you must create the folder name “plugins

create folder plugins

Step 2

And Inside the folder “plugins” (that you just made) create new folder name: events-manager

create folder events-managerStep 3

And copy all the files inside the folder: wp-content/plugins/events-manager/templates (green circle area in the top image above)

to your folder >> plugins >> events-manager (that you just made):


Remember you must Copy not Move all the files, well the best option are you just copy the file that need to modify.


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