Brand Story Jesus – Part III

Brand Story Jesus – Part III 407 450 Jesandy

4. Multi Level Marketing, is it logic to share product directly to the entire world in short time? No itsn’t, that’s why Jesus pick his 12 disciples and continue with first church.

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The twelve are the closest, they follow Jesus day and night, and they learn from Him, Share their experienced in fact put their Life on Jesus. From them people are easily believe not because the title “12 disciples” instead people want to be like them, they want to follow Jesus through them, they are influenced by the twelve as a role model. well there is Judas but ignore it you will find them on your target market as well, you may try your best but whether you like it or not some of them are not fit on your product.


I’m not saying MLM are the best way to sell your product, but what we can learn from here are: we must choose our “beginning” target market, focus on them first, explore and learn them carefully, fulfill their needs, reach their wants, answer every complain and give fast respond, after that your product automatically step into big pond.

The Story of Jesus are perfect to sell, It brings what people really looking for, It claim the Human Savior, Honesty, and all the Mystery beyond that, as a brand is out of our league to follow what He do. I’m no perfect to bring this article up, just the one who admire him and always try to bring Him in every aspect of My Life, especially as a Brand Holder.


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