Brand Story Jesus Part II

Brand Story Jesus Part II 407 450 Jesandy

2. Word of Mouth (WOM), yeah the most boring statement but its important, well I’m not try to tell all the way to do it, but what can we learn from Jesus brand story regarding to push your WOM.

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There are two fundamental requirements:

  • One, Jesus already been through his entire story, in fact he is the story itself. Jesus has become one of yours, as human he already has the same path with the people, he get his fear, temptation, and so on. Why is it important, because he wants meet His promise. It is possible if he tell us not to fear but he never been through that, it is possible follow him but he’s not deserve to follow? The best benefit for get used to our product before we sell it: we will find the hidden need from our target market instead of the important one, you must have passion about your product and let people knew about it. Imagine if some Sales Promotion Boy sell “woman’s pads”, Or Colonel Sanders actually thin and look frustrated it will certainly change your perception about them right.


  • Two, Never been existed story, by that time who already can raise people from death, by that time who already walk on water, or many more miracle story that never been exist. Or at least it’s happen but already 400 years before that when the last prophet do those stuff. Create some stuffs that never been existed it will easily pump up your WOM, either the product itself categorized as the new one or the new way you bring to your customer.


3. The Distribution, when we talk Placement Strategy or Distribution is important to know where your market is and what is the suitable access tools to increase your distribution, What Jesus did? If you have the target: people of the world, assume there a limited access, imagine that time no airplane or some internet stuff to do that, where you start your first product the market. Of Course the centre of it, now you open the map of the world, where the centre of it? yes Jesus start city call Jerusalem and its the middle of the world. So we have to open our first office store at the central of our market? No you shouldn’t, let’s move to second fact: the access tools. Rome has known as the best soldier, is it their numbers? Powers? Maybe their art of war but the best from Rome are their capability of mobilization. On that day Rome has already using wheel to mobilize, and their logistic management known as the best after Egypt. With the base from the central of the world and best access tools The Story are easily distribute to across the world. In this day Location are yet important but using your access tools right are also important. These days the art of distribution has been evolved fast, you figure social network like Facebook, Twitter, or the every distribution management used by most company are vary, there are a lot out there but try to figure it out the most suitable for your product or brand

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