Brand Story Jesus – Part I

Brand Story Jesus – Part I 407 450 Jesandy

“Mentioned one brand in this world are even closed enough to Jesus’ Brand, which can stand for more then thousand years, able to maintain most of the entire population and proven in fulfilling their customer’s deepest needs”

I received one survey last time about how bible has become #1 book seller all time, in fact so many answers are so absurd, well traditionally it was transfer on generation to others, or it’s already on your head for example if you have to mention 3 flowers you must say rose. Above all of those opinions, can you imagine how the bible has through all the way, how they able to become your first choice in your head, how come all the grandpa in the world are willing to ask father and father to son for using and believing about Jesus? And if you questioning yourself: Mentioned one brand in this world are even closed enough to Jesus’ Brand, which can stand for more then thousand years, able to maintain most of the people population, has fulfill the customer’s emotional needs, and many more.

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Bottom line this Brand Story of Jesus is not a comparison for find any or decide who’s the winner or looser, but without any purposes to offend any other believers, I would like to share how Jesus’ brand has thought us how we should threat our brand become successful, remembered and transfer to all generations.

Some might say, that’s different this is religion or this is God’s work. Well, beside the magnificent bible story had taught us about Love and God’s mercy in Christ, Jesus as a Brand might teach us as a brand holder or any¬†entrepreneurs to gain more success, the Jesus brand has proven and legitimate, I’m not saying other business information, class or tutorials are totally neglected, but before you start learning the basic how to maximize your business or brands, the Bible has been succeeded first and if you consider as a foundation for every steps, I’m sure you will enrich in every way¬†(1 Corinthians 1:4-8).

First, let’s start with the “biggest needs”:

  1. It’s all about highest needs, the marketing guru says the key of success are find your deepest customer needs and deliver to them right. So what human deepest need? it beyond your physical needs (food, cloths, house, etc) though, its trigger your emotional need even not the kind of temporarily needs. The easy way to fulfill human need are find their opportunities, example when hunger you need food, when you feel cold you need cloths, etc. And yes Jesus answer all the highest human level of needs: it’s Lost, Uncertainty, Biggest Fear and believe me people all around the world has been through this, and there only three type of responds, accepted and decide to be follower, rejected and runaway. Well I guess some preacher can have better answer, but the point is always find the deepest market needs, if you want to sell dress please not only fulfill the clothing needs but maybe sell their elegant or comfort or even the joy. And what we learn from Jesus also fulfill their emotional needs are the most important part for selling your brand.

(To Be Continue..)


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