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Take a glance at this Infographic  review and research how woman domination took place on Social Media presence. The research itself made by creatage.com and publish on April 2012, so i assume the date was taken from 2011. I know this research need more accreditation but if you take a little bit time to see, it might helped on your decision process in term of making brand strategy and your online business.

It is so obvious based on the daily research, said majority on decision buying process are made by women for most brands, through my experience even women tends to offer for buying stuff”as low as you can” but man had more consideration levels before buying instead.

The most interesting part for me is email, people might say Email marketing or newsletter are dead, but according to the research most the online time spent by social networking, email, gaming, and so on. I figured as long as the email came from well known needed sources and communicate well it will work as we expected.

And look at on the twitter graphic page, it said 67% that brands followers that will buy the brand. I read twitter from my follow it said twitter is not how you gather more users but how you engage them. When you using twitter in a way to take depth on your customer emotional experience it will enhance your brand loyalty and more customers will come automatically. And what about facebook, obviously they find a difficult way to please both users and investors, if they don’t create something new or at least pleasing the user as a number one priority, facebook will crack down soon.

Same as nielsen research by the end of 2011 there are 181 million blogs on the internet, as we know women make up the majority of bloggers, and 30% of them are Moms, and I guessed it’s not to late if we start thinking to create powerful communication and convince them through blogging as promotion tools.

This research also said 91% woman use search engine, we might known >80% source visitors came from search engine but if you you look at how the age breakdown, said age from 18-49 had more than 60%. Although it still has wide range of ages but still useful to help us worked on our keywords and SEO stuffs for better SERP though.

Last word: Online Gaming, it said 53% are women? As a Gamer, 99% don’t believe this idea, even on from other researches who said the same things. If they told me how they gather the data and it sounds using reliable so i will listen. In game every users had a choice to become man or woman even can make the fake id and admit they are woman.


Source: Creatage – Full Service Marketing Agency


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