How to Make “My List” on Drupal using Flag and View Modules

How to Make “My List” on Drupal using Flag and View Modules 640 300 Jesandy

Visitor will save their flag without login or as anynomous free to check, afterwards they might see, save and send all their choices or lists to some email they want to..

Example: like “Your Trip” feature on or “Add Your Trip Plan” on

Platform Drupal 7, never tried with 6 though so not really recommended

Module you need

  • Flags
  • Flag actions
  • Flag Bookmark
  • Flag lists
  • Views
  • Views Flag Refresh


Step by Step:

Install and enable all those modules above


Create or add New Flags (you might see default flag call “Bookmark”)

Select “Node” and Continue

How to Make My List

On The Next Screen, you have to enter the Flag Title you desired according to your need, and:


A. Write your Flag Link before its select by user can be anything for  example “Add to My List”. And also write your Flag if the user unselect their choice, for example: “Remove from My List”

B. Choose the Permission type of user or access. Select “Anonymous”

C. Select the Content Type you want to put your Flag on, this will be shown in every content you choose

D. This up to you where you want the Flag you choose to show up

E. select “Javascript toggle” so every flag action will be on AJAX request




Add New View


Check Create A Page and Create A Block

On A Page for Format and Name choose whatever you desired but remember on A Block write only “1” Items per page

Continue & Edit


On A Page View

Add any fields you like plus Flags: Flag link if you want on this page user still able to add/remove their lists

Add Relationship (Advanced > Relationship)

Add New and Select Flag: Node Flag:


Save and new window will pop up:


Select Flag that you write on STEP I

and Select Current Ueer


To make those lists update Lively Change from “none” the Flag Refresh (>advanced>second bottom on your view) to (Your Flag)


On A Block View

Change the Format to “Unformatted List

Change from “No” the Use Aggregation (>advanced>second bottom on your view) to Yes

On fields add: COUNT(Flag lists: Uid) and COUNT(Content: Title)

Edit all the Aggregation Setting to “COUNT” for all those field above

On fields COUNT(Flag lists: Uid) check Exclude from display

On fields COUNT(Content: Title):


Check Rewrite the output of this field and add: My Plans {[title]}

Check Output this field as a Link, check Use absolute path and set the path to your FLAG

And remember same as above to make your block update Lively Change from “none” the Flag Refresh (>advanced>second bottom on your view) to (Your Flag)

Afterward place the saved Flag block on the Block you wanted


For “Send Email” feature you might using VBO View Bulk Operation or View Send and follow their simple steps


And that’s it, any question or advice are welcome and please submit on the comment below, Cheers…



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