If Metatags not working on frontpage.tpl

If Metatags not working on frontpage.tpl 500 334 Jesandy

Problems: Meta Tags is working on other page but not showing on the front page especially on page–front.tpl.php or overidden page tpl. Not sure what it caused but it’s probably the mata tags failed to render the content, and usually because the installation of meta tags module came last

How to solve:

  1. Disable the module
  2. Uninstall the module
  3. delete it (from cpanel)
  4. re-install the module
  5. activate

If you dont want to or the uninstall process not working:

  1. go to control panel
  2. go to folder public_html/sites/all/themes/savior/tpl
  3. open your page–front.tpl.php (or any overidden tpl)
  4. add this code at the header and save:

< ?php render($page['content']['metatags']); ?>


Well I hope it’s work



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