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[BEST OF THE BEST] +5 Premium WordPress Theme Directory Listing

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WordPress Theme Directory Listing – Last year I got client who need develop a web based listing directory that have functionality to list all the conference venues. Actually the features is simple, the place owner allow to create account and their listing, promote and share to other social media channel and get booking schedules. And the other hand, the visitors just need to login, book the venue for their event and pay. The website itself not provide online payment features, all the transaction process is manual and via bank transfer. But it was not really easy till they asked the project have to finish in 3 weeks, so i guess i will used any cms, either wordpress or drupal that time.

I prefer Drupal at first because their capabilities will fit all the requirement needs, but since the client also look forward for the best visual design that they never seen before, so Wordpress is the winner

I prefer Drupal at first because their capabilities will fit all the requirement needs, but since the client also look forward for the best visual design that they never seen before, so Wordpress is the winner since the time is important here and this guy have a lot beautiful templates to start with. Beside the user target for this project is less than 1K accounts per year, so I assumed to them to redevelop the web, build an apps and used better server until it reach the target.

So i began to explore the latest WordPress Theme Directory Listing, and found these bastards who i admit it have all the pros needed. Honestly I found more than 10 Themes that meet all my requirements, but i decided just to buy 3 of them. And all the themes have so many functionalities that i never seen on WordPress before,  it did save my time and almost zero bugs when designed them. So I hope this Best 5 Premium WordPress Theme Directory Listing will help you all, it based on my user experience reviews, and here we go:


#1 MyListing

WordPress Theme Directory Listing- Mylisting lets you create any functional directory sites using Elementor, the first full free and open-source front-end page builder. With no coding required, it’s easy to use and customize your site in style.

Created 17 October 2017

This is theme i’m using, they are loading fast, have all I need, best UI/UX, the Transaction Process, I really like the way they put all together, and the important thing is Client love it at first time they saw it 🙂


#2 ListingPro

Directory WordPress Theme – Listingpro is the solution for all must-have directory businesses. Features include auto-location, near me functionality, auto recurring payments, smart filter and smart search to help you find what you need.

Created 20 April 2017

Great design, many features, fast respond Customer Service, but this is my second choice, so many functionalities i dont need, so i guess better used these theme for different purposes


#3 ListGo

Directory WordPress Theme – ListGo boasts listing details, auto location, building listing box with Wiloke Design Tools, WooCommerce integration and much more. Perfect for everything you need in a directory website.

Created 7 August 2017

This is my number 3, actually Ilove them, but the design is just too solid and manly. And i got an error once when tried to install the demo, knew I can fix it, but time that I don’t have at the moment


#4 ApusListing

Directory & Listing WordPress Theme – Apuslisting is a listing directory WordPress theme that will help you create, manage and monetize a local or global directory site. Feel free to set your own goal and get your favourite spots listed online!

Created 5 October 2017

Interested on this one but the comment and sales numbers too little, it didn’t convinced me yet


#5 Listify

WordPress Theme Directory Listing- This won’t be the first time you look for a directory theme, but it will be the last time. Because with Listify you have more than you could ever want or need. Whether you know it or not, many of the websites you visit are powered by directories

Created 26 November 2014

Honestly i’m looking forward to buy this theme, i love and need everything they have, but the production date in 2014, although they regularly update this theme, but i have bad experience before when i bought a theme with production age more than 2 years 🙁


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