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City-XL is an alternative popular city building game like SimCity and features three games released in 2009, 2010 and 2011. Before this game was originally focused for online player and interactions but has since been moved to offline and single player focused experience.


In Cities XL, gamer manage, build and develop their lovely city using some basic types of building lots (residential, industrial, commercial or recreational area). These areas can vary in density and purpose and can be mass placed using the Area Tool allowing for simple and quick city creation.

The visual graphic is superb, they pay attention to every details, for those who love graphics and visual this game is what you are looking for. you can see zoom in deeply, you also can see all the workers working on every building, or every turns for the bridges or roads are in the highest shape.

But the gameplay is so easy to control, sorry to say barely it’s like facebook game. The goal in every sims game is you must build perfect balance for making your population happy, and for me that’s the beauty of sim games are, since you are unable to measure entire population because all the intangible numbers, you must have raw math or predict calculation to create long happy lasting sims. And in City-XL it’s just too easy to manage, for example if you want to add 1 middle class house, so you must add 1 middle commercial, 1 recreational area and so on. Ok, maybe the resident can grow but unfortunately they will move to higher residence and still easy to track down. but overall for sim game city lovers, City XL must have game for you.


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