Hidden Ads Benefit that You May Not Realize

Hidden Ads Benefit that You May Not Realize 540 405 Jesandy

There is one thing I just realize lately, usually peoples always change the TV channel when commercial break came up

Whatever the movies or program are, whenever the Ads come up suddenly begin to focus on the TV and will (not)return after the break. it’s just happen isn’t it, and it happen to my fellow marketer as well, whenever he is driving his car, always turn on the radio just for listening the radio-ads.

I know internet media has been play huge role today, the reason why I’m writing this because ads on TV or other traditional one still become and will direct us to find competitor’s move. In my opinion ads are like your enemy’s appearance and behaviors, same like boxers, if you want to conquer your enemy you have to know their strength and weakness as well. I believe most of the brand or marketing persons do the same thing, whether you realize or not, you will not return after the break. Why we doing such of things try to figure it out and here are the 3 reasons why most of the time you must watch Ads as many time you want:

  • Know their (Competitors) target market. Usually this is for enhance your demographic research on competitor’s slash of pie; you may consider their segments, age, market zone, etc. They’re not just pick some artist or model on their ads, they’re not just choose which location they set or maybe which song and tone in their Ads, they also not just choose some prime time or not, trust me there are always reasons beyond those.
  • Reveal the Competitor’s financial healthy way. How many times their ads in an hour? Is it high budget ads? Mostly, if it’s a new brand, the ads (ATL) budget take 50-70% from the promotion cost and for well-know brand below those. for example if small (you know already they are small) company use a lot on their ATL activities, the reasons for doing these rather they just got huge fund, or they just doing “All In” move (and will doomed if they failed) or maybe they don’t do other promotion activities and just concentrate on the ATL promo.
  • Finding the message, what’s their theme, what kind of image they try to build, what are they purposes? Long term or short strategies? Is it new or same message, or some message enchantment? Maybe they want to change customer’s perception instead to counter your theme during other activities. Attention to detail is a must especially when they launch new Ads program.

Like many other experts say, sometimes Ideas not only appear from your own but also it comes from competitor, and Ads are the great place to find them.


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