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Suo Gan – Empire Of The Sun (Soundtrack)
Suo Gan – Empire Of The Sun (Soundtrack) 500 362 Jesandy

Empire Of The Sun Soundtrack plus lyrics – Suo Gan

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World of Tank
World of Tank 500 398 Jesandy

World Of Tank Game Online – Start Playing 23 Mei 2013

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Narcis Level 1
Narcis Level 1 525 384 Jesandy

Akibat guild lawan yg tak kunjung datang 🙁 #narcis #cupukauhijos – created just for fun 🙂

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Flash Mob Bing Bang Theory
Flash Mob Bing Bang Theory 357 333 Jesandy

Big Bang Theory Flash Mob

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Rivermaya – Kisapmata
Rivermaya – Kisapmata 256 256 Jesandy

Nitong umaga lang, Pagka lambing-lambing, Ng pagkasabi mong, Sana’y tayo na nga

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Tera Rising Artworks
Tera Rising Artworks 596 337 Jesandy

Artworks and designs compilation from game: Tera Rising Online, MMORPG, game itself was developed by Bluehole Studio, free for play

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Tera Rising Online
Tera Rising Online 454 340 Jesandy
Brand Story Jesus – Part III
Brand Story Jesus – Part III 407 450 Jesandy

4. Multi Level Marketing, is it logic to share product directly to the entire world in short time? No itsn’t, that’s why Jesus pick his 12 disciples and continue with first church.

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