Why Choose Drupal 8 over Wordpress

Why Choose Drupal 8? What is Drupal?

Why Choose Drupal 8? What is Drupal? 1024 640 Jesandy

Why Choose Drupal 8 over Word Press or any other CMS..?? When it comes to develop or design a website, it is very important to chose the best Content Management System (CMS) that suitable for your needs. Clearly, the right CMS will make your life become easier to manage and maintain your site. And yet, either Drupal, Word Press, Joomla, or other CMS have pros and cons, it’s depend what kind of site you want to create. So which CMS is right four you..??

So Why you Choose Drupal 8

Since it launched in 2000, Drupal has transform into of the the best open source CMS’s and become the best choice for many web projects. It is backed by large and active community members of seasoned developers all over the world. Although by 2021 stats just over 2% use Drupal, there are many reason to use Drupal as a favorite one including their flexibility, rich features, scalability and high security.  So herewith the reasons why choose Drupal 8 (or 9):

Content Type

One of the best feature from Drupal is able to create multiple content type with different field. For ex in Word Press by default only 3 content type post, page and portfolio, but in Drupal you might create any kind of type you need

User Permission

Drupal allow you to have full control for individual user access on content or any pages on your website. You may add unlimited roles for any user, give custom permission for each user to any different page you want to

Big Blue Machine

Drupal has the capability to support tons of pages with so many users. Compare to other CMS such Word Press, Drupal able to handle large volumes of content, and it’s by default, you certainly no need additional plugins or modules

No Coding Skills

Nowadays specially Drupal 8 or 9 continues to make platform for non-developers and easy to build, including website designer, content creator or author. You barely can create a web from scratch with no coding skills required

High Security

Although most of the security factors depend on the server, Drupal has high level security and provides in depth security reports. Currently, You may find many enterprise or government using Drupal for building their Website

Backed by Large Community

Drupal known for its massive community, there are many ways to learn Drupal from that community. In the other hand Drupal has lot of documentation, You may find out on drupal.org or other source with training or videos

Multilingual and Translation

In Drupal 8 (and 9), multilingual function is on the core, not like any other CMS who had additional plugin or modules just for adding more language. You can add as many language as you want and simply adding the translation

What You See is What You Get

The WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) editor on Drupal gives you the ability to edit the content at the front end of your website. Since it was including since Drupal 8 core as editing is easier than ever before

Mobile First

Drupal 8 puts mobile users at it’s core and is built for mobile first and PC come second. All the feature include a compact mobile administrative toolbar with responsive template which is easier to editor or web developer

Faster Loading Speed

With website caching and some extensions, Drupal has better loading speed than other CMS. Because they are using less resources, make Drupal lightweight and better fitted to handle website with hundreds of page or content

For sum it up, once again, when you choose Drupal and become powerful are depend on the type of web project you are working on. Drupal is hard to learn and very complex compare to other CMS out there. But in the right hand, based on my experience for more than 10 years using Drupal, it is so flexible, with my low knowledge in coding, I barely can do anything with Drupal..!!

Drupal 8 Learning for Beginners


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