Battle Hero Achievements

Battle Hero Achievements 400 400 Jesandy

Battle Hero Achievements are awarded for individual battles if all of the requirements are met.


Invader WOTInvader – Capture the maximum number of points from the enemy base, but not less than 80. The achievement is granted on successful base capture, including only the points that were part of the base capture. If the battle ends in a draw, the achievement is granted to the first player to receive 80 or more capture points.



Supporter Confederate WOTConfederate – Hit more enemy vehicles than any other player on your team (at least 6), which are subsequently destroyed by another player.



Top Gun WOTTop Gun – Destroy more enemy vehicles than any other player in your team during the battle (at least 6).



Scout WOT

Scout – Detect most enemy tanks and self-propelled guns than anyone else on your team (at least nine). The achievement is granted to the winning team only.


Sniper WOTSniper – Achieve at least 85% hits out of a minimum of ten shots fired with the potential damage of 1,000 HP and more. Non-penetrating hits are included (but not hits on friendly units).


Defender WOTDefender – Reduce the amount of enemy capture points on a friendly base by 70 or more.



Steelwall WOTSteel Wall – Receive the most hits (at least 11) of any player on your team, with potential damage of at least 1,000 HP, and survive.
If two or more players have equal amount of hits, the achievement is granted to the player with the highest potential damage.


Evileye Patrol Duty WOTPatrol Duty – Awarded to the player who helps the team damage at least six enemy vehicles by highlighting them. The tanks must be highlighted only by you when they take damage.


Brothers-In-Arms WOTBrothers in Arms – Awarded to a platoon in which all platoon members destroy at least 3 enemy vehicles and survive in battle. Each platoon participant receive this title.


Crucial-Contribution WOTCrucial Contribution – Awarded to a platoon which destroyed at least 12 enemy vehicles in one battle. Each platoon participant receive this title.



Notes:  For Confederate, Top Gun, Scout, Sniper, Defender and Steel Wall Achievements, every point’s attributes get by two or more players who have equal amount of those, the achievement is granted to the player who has earned more XP for the battle (including additional XP provided to Premium account users). If the amount of XP is equal as well, the achievement is not granted.


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