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How to Increase Website Speed in Wordpress
How to Increase Website Speed in WordPress
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Many of our users run WordPress either as a CMS or blog platform. With a lot of great plugins available, it’s easy to create a full-featured website with a lot of neat functionality. These plugins however, can insert additional CSS and JavaScript files into your header which can hurt your site’s performance

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How to Customize Calendar-Full [Plugin] Events Manager
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Plugin: Events Manager Theme: Suffusion, WordPress Objectives: Remove the header “Months” and paginations Customize day-names

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How to Customize Template [Plugin] Event Manager on Suffusion Theme
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If you are using [Plugin] Event Manager, when it comes to modify the template, it might be┬átricky especially if you’re using Suffusion theme, based on the [Plugin] Events Manager (EM) documentation it says:

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