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Social Media Trends in 2014 [INFOGRAPHICS]
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Not sure how deep the methods and sources are.. But its quite interesting though, have a look..

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It’s Start Today – NBA #everybodyup
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So excited!! #everybodyup #nba

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Yes, I’m Web Developer
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Hello, I’m Jesandy, a Web Developer and SEO Consultant. I build Engaging Website that are Usable, Rich Features, Easy to Update and SEO friendly

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Drupal Adventurer Jesandy
7 Modules You Must Installed on Your Drupal 7
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While working with Drupal 7 for the first time either its clients or personal sites sometimes it’s a little bit confusing which modules to install, not like other CMS, drupal very likely need some basic modules to begin with.
Maybe it’s quite annoying but if you love everything come with your own desired, you’ll understand why, so herewith 7 basic Modules – well in my opinion – you will need it

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Lonely – 2NE1
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Lonely – 2NE1 with lyrics

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Kode Bank di Indonesia
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[FULL] Daftar Kode Bank di Indonesia: Bank BCA, Bank Mandiri, Bank Danamon, Bank Bukopin, Bank Permata, Bank BNI

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How to Fix SA-CORE-2013-003 on Drupal Public or Temporary Files Directory
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Got this error message on status report after install the Drupal latest version >v.7.24 : Public files directory SA-CORE-2013-003

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How to Make “My List” on Drupal using Flag and View Modules
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Visitor will save their flag without login or as anynomous free to check, afterwards they might see, save and send all their choices or lists to some email they want to..

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Best Link Tutorial for Making One Full Web Page
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Building One Full Web Page can be tricky, you seems know how to do it, but at the end it’s not working properly. I admit many tutorial out there give enough knowledge how to do it, but when implement their code most of the time it’s not the things we want.

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